As your Representative in Concord, these would be my priorities:
Bring NH’s policies on clean energy, energy efficiency and climate change into alignment with the other five (progressive) New England states;
• Protect women’s right to control their own bodies and make their own reproductive health decisions;
• Properly fund and enhance our system of public education, the bedrock of a democratic society;
• Reject ideological meddling from Concord in local education, health care, and public health policy and practices;
• Insist on reasonable gun control measures;
•Enhance our mental health care policies, systems and institutions that provide it;
• Promote evolution of our transportation networks to accommodate all forms of mobility, especially electric and self-powered modes;
• Support small and locally-owned businesses, the backbone of New Hampshire’s economy and self-reliant culture;
• Demand corporate stewardship of and accountability for lawful and proper use and protection of our state’s precious natural resources;
• Promote shared responsibility among local governments for zoning reform and development of new workforce and affordable housing